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September 6, 2011
Any Motorbike
September 8, 2011

Any Scooter or Moped

Scooter/Moped MOT for just £24.99 ONLY with code: WEB OFFER
(£29.65 standard) 

A mot test ensures your moped is road worthy to drive in the streets. The MOT test covers many areas of your moped, here are just some of the tests we conduct and tips how to prepare your moped for a test:

Headlights: must be working properly, turn on your headlight,the headlight should light up. Turn the high beam and the low beam on,does this function work properly,when on low beam, does it shine a little lower, is there cracks in the cover or obstructions,make sure that it does not.

Blinkers: Do the blinkers flash at a steady pace,do your blinkers work individually or only on one side. Are your blinkers free of chips and cracks, is the cover obstructed, can you see the blinkers clearly. Like all mopeds and scooters, you also need to make sure you have a visible red reflector secured to the back of the bike. Making sure all the lights are in order is one of the most important things you can do,mopeds are small and you really need to be seen at night. Most of the time when people fail a mot it is because the moped did not pass the lights inspection.

Steering: Ensure the  handle bars are connected securely, make sure that when you turn the handle bars that this is a smooth motion and they are easy to turn, you do not want this to be hard or restricted in anyway. When you turn the handle bars all the way to the right or left, do the handle bars hit the bike in anyway, they should not. Also make sure the grips are in good condition for better control.

Breaks tyres and exhaust: Make sure the breaks work properly, front and back. Check your tyres and ensure they are not badly worn because tread depth will be checked. Make sure the tyres roll easily with no restrictions and that wheel spokes are secure. Ensure the exhaust is in working order because smog release will also be checked. The test also covers shocks, the horn footpegs and the mudflaps.

This is not a comprehensive list of every check but is only advisory in preparing your moped for an MOT test. Please check the Motorbike page for more information.

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